Already in 1872 Carl Uebel and Paul Lechleiter founded "Uebel & Lechleiter Klavieren" in Heilbronn (Germany). For many years "Uebel & Lechleiter" used to be the house company of the Catholic Church in Rome and it made special instruments for pope Pius X. It is therefore a company with a very long and famous history.

Today "Uebel & Lechleiter" brings together European tradition and accurate production methods from Asia, resulting in distribution throughout the whole of Europe and the Near East. For the French speaking countries the pianos are mostly sold under the Liedermann name .

The new action and the keyboard assembly we designed for the upright and grand models is the result of our latest research in ergonomics and dynamics. Highly sensitive, based on both balance and precision, its touch enables even the most demanding pianists to fully appreciate this exceptional brand. All our models are equipped with a fully solid spruce soundboard, Japanese hammer felt and a single block laminated backside. The ‘delignit’ pin block, provided in 18-ply beech, guarantees excellent constancy of tuning. The cabinets are constructed out of panels with an inert wood core, overlaid with hard finish polyester spray. All our models are fitted with a slow down system on the fallboard to protect your fingers.

Its musical volume is impressive and from the deep and colourful bass section to the bright and subtle treble tones, you will recognize the typical "Liedermann" sound. How can we do this at such competitive prices ? The answer is simple : our strength lies in the mixture of European experience and Asian manufacturing.

Today every model is able to satisfy even the most demanding pianist, this thanks to German technician production-supervision, the company experiences, our knowledge , and of course our love for the art of piano-building.